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Van Nuys Criminal Defense Attorney

Defense for Three Strike Offenses in Southern California

California’s Three Strikes Law is harsh on repeat offenders. Under this law, passed in 1994 by an overwhelming majority of 72% California voters in favor, mandatory life imprisonment is imposed for defendants convicted of a third felony criminal offense. To qualify as a first or second strike on a person’s record, an offense must be a “violent” and/or a “serious” felony. The third offense, however, need not be violent or serious to count as a strike and result in life imprisonment.

Do not hesitate in consulting a skilled Van Nuys criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible if you are facing a potential first, second or third strike on your criminal record. California’s implementation of the three strikes law is one of the harshest throughout all of the U.S. While certain other states require a felony to be “violent” to qualify as a strike, California includes “serious” felonies as well. This means a non-violent felony may count as a strike on your criminal record. California also allows any third felony conviction to count as a strike, even if it is not deemed serious or violent.

California’s Three Strike law has experienced some controversy due to its harsh treatment of repeat offenders. For example, a person who has two violent felony convictions on his or her record may face life imprisonment for any third felony – even a non-violent crime such as shoplifting merchandise valued at more than $400.

Felony Crimes Defense Lawyer in Van Nuys

At the Law Offices of Jonathan C. Rosen, we are dedicated to representing clients who have been arrested and are facing the possibility of a first, second or third strike offense. We know how important your choice of defense attorney will be to the outcome of your case, and we want to help you by giving you the representation that you need. We welcome you to contact our firm, where you will have the opportunity to get a free case evaluation and discuss your case personally with Mr. Rosen, a skilled and aggressive lawyer.

Contact Van Nuys Three Strikes attorney Jonathan C. Rosen today to discuss your charges and how he can help you avoid a conviction.

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