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Van Nuys Violent Crimes Lawyer

Aggressive Criminal Defense Attorney

A violent crime is an offense which involves violence, force or the threat of violence. Assault, robbery, weapons charges, battery, domestic violence, carjacking, kidnapping, forcible rape, and other similar offenses are all types of violent crimes. The penalties associated with violent crime convictions are particularly harsh and may result in a defendant facing years in state prison, heavy fines, probation, counseling and more. Certain charges (such as first degree murder) may result in the convicted defendant facing the death penalty.

Many violent crimes are qualified as strikes under California’s Three Strike Law, and this means increased penalties for the offender. If you have a strike on your record and receive a second strike, the sentence for the second offense will be doubled. A third criminal offense, even if it is not a violent or serious felony, may result in up to a lifetime in prison. A strike is generally any serious or violent felony offense.

Defense Lawyer for Violent Crimes in Van Nuys, California

Jonathan C. Rosen is a Van Nuys criminal defense lawyer dedicated to representing those individuals who have been accused of violent crimes in Southern California. Mr. Rosen understands just how serious these criminal charges are and how important aggressive legal counsel is early on in the matter.

There are specific defense strategies which are valuable in avoiding a conviction for a violent crime. The alleged victim may have had a motive to make a false accusation. It may be a case of mistaken identity. There may not be enough physical evidence to actually warrant a conviction. An unlawful search and seizure may have led to the charges. Whatever the particular circumstances of your unique violent crimes case, Mr. Rosen can use his experience as a defense attorney to protect your rights and future.

Contact Van Nuys Violent Crimes Attorney Jonathan Rosen today to discuss your charges.

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